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On the

I’ve been made aware of this chart, which I find interesting. I’ve read through much of the author’s commentary on how this chart was created, and I generally agree that she has done an admirable job in her methodology.  I … Continue reading

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On Mars Hill Was Us

In struggling through the demise of Mars Hill Church I came across the web site It’s a place where people can go through and on-line interview about their relationship with Mars Hill with the results published on-line. I went … Continue reading

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We’re not very good at predicting the future

When I was a kid I read a lot of science fiction.  I mean, a lot of science fiction.  I was fascinated by the creative and interesting story lines and by descriptions of what the future might look like. One … Continue reading

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Father’s Day, 2012

This is a hammer.  (No, really?) Specifically, it’s a Stanley Tool Works 16oz framing hammer.  At 16oz, it’s a little light for a framing hammer, but I don’t have the arm strength to use a heavier 20-32oz framing hammer.  Still, it’s … Continue reading

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“I don’t get no respect!”

These “What People Think I Do” picture montages are popular on Facebook, so I’m glad someone created one for engineers: Except that it’s Excel instead of Word, the last panel is pretty much true. It didn’t start out like that. … Continue reading

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Happy 40th Birthday, 4004!

Ok, this could get really geeky really quick, but I’ll try to keep it readable. Forty years ago, on November 15, 1971, Intel ran the first ad for a new type of integrated circuit:  the 4004.  Why is this important? … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with America: Part 286

Just in case you were wondering if the government ever over-regulates Americans, here’s the latest from the geniuses at the Department of Labor and their effort to destroy the American family farm improve the safety of children on farms (from “Critics fear … Continue reading

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Encouraging kids to become engineers with office supplies

I commented on an article entitled “What Were Your Childhood Inspirations” on the Engineer Blogs site today with the following observations that 1) point out my age, and 2) emphasize my nerdiness. Continue reading

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