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On the controversy with Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church

Recently, Mark Driscoll, the pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, has been in the news for alleged behavior that disqualifies him to be in ministry at all, much less pastor of a church. Having read much about this issue I will reserve my comments on the issues for another time. For now, here is my personal experience with pastor Mark. Continue reading

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Father’s Day, 2012

This is a hammer.  (No, really?) Specifically, it’s a Stanley Tool Works 16oz framing hammer.  At 16oz, it’s a little light for a framing hammer, but I don’t have the arm strength to use a heavier 20-32oz framing hammer.  Still, it’s … Continue reading

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“I don’t get no respect!”

These “What People Think I Do” picture montages are popular on Facebook, so I’m glad someone created one for engineers: Except that it’s Excel instead of Word, the last panel is pretty much true. It didn’t start out like that. … Continue reading

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Encouraging kids to become engineers with office supplies

I commented on an article entitled “What Were Your Childhood Inspirations” on the Engineer Blogs site today with the following observations that 1) point out my age, and 2) emphasize my nerdiness. Continue reading

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9:45 a.m. EST on December 12, 1965

Where were you at 9:45 a.m. EST on December 12, 1965? What? You don’t remember? Maybe you weren’t even born yet? Continue reading

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OK, I’m addicted now

So, I got to the grocery store to pick up a prescription and discover the pharmacy doesn’t open until 9:00 am. It’s currently 8:45 am, so I have a choice: drive home (5 minutes), do something for 5 minutes, then drive back (another 5 minutes). Or, I could just hang out until the pharmacy opens. I chose the second option. Continue reading

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Meet Yosemite Sam

The iPad is supposed to be all things for all people, but it falls short when it comes to one activity: reading books. For that I like the Kindle much, much more. Maybe even more than real books. Continue reading

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How to kill an elevator

Freight elevators are tough. But members of Gen Y can bring one to it’s knees. Continue reading

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OK, this is nice, but …

I guess you have to start somewhere. Over two years ago I bought this domain, with the intention of (among other things) setting up a blog.  Since then I’ve waited and procrastinated. I think I was waiting until I had … Continue reading

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