What’s wrong with America: Part 831

Mmm ... tasty!I see these things everywhere, but especially packed inside electronic components.  They’re silica gel, used as a desiccant to keep things dry.  Every one of them I’ve ever seen has “DO NOT EAT” printed on them.

Now, I have to ask:  why?  Is this really a problem?  Are there really people who say,

“Look, Buford, those nice people at newegg.com  packed a little snack in with each of those 500G byte Western Digital disk drives we bought for the home theater PC build!  I’m a little hungry, so I believe I’m going to have one.  You want one, too?  I’ve got plenty …”

Probably not.

I’m sure the warning exists because of one of my favorite rules in life:  “If you see something that doesn’t make any sense at all, there was probably a lawyer involved.”  Someone, somewhere ate one of these, got sick, sued someone else, and won a lot of money.  So now we have “DO NOT EAT” printed on all of them.

Oddly enough, my point is not that there are too many lawyers in America (that’s a whole ‘nother topic), but that there are people dumb enough to eat this stuff when it’s obviously not intended as food.  Maybe a lot of them.  Question:  should people for whom this is a real temptation be allowed to vote?

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